The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of the Blockchain Industry

It was an evening filled with a fantastic crowd, with a talk that was light-hearted, entertaining and informative. The feeling of festive holiday season was in the air at Collision 8, an innovative co-working space located at High Street Centre, Singapore.

Goodbye ICO. Hello STO.

CEO of VOX, Stefano Virgilli, gave an equally entertaining and informative talk on the current and upcoming trends of the ICO industry as well as NTUT, Security Token Offering (STO) and why industries need to understand the utility of tokens.

Is ICO really dead? What is STO (Security Token Offering) and what do we need to understand about utility tokens? Launching token sales is the popular activity among DLT-based startups. This way, they bring their ideas to the world and gather funds for further development. But how to create a token sale which will not fail and how to detect a scam?

Key points:

  • What defines an ICO scam
  • Why most ICOs are failing anyway
  • The future of STO
  • Five criteria for success;
  • Introducing Non-Tradable Utility Tokens (NTUT)

Watch Stefano Virgilli's talk below:

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