A Beers&Pitch collaboration with Talenta and Block Connectors

In our 4th installation of Beers&Pitch, we had a fantastic collaboration with Talenta and the Block Connectors. This crypto event, held at The Blockchain Hub in Suntec City Singapore on 20 September 2018, was planned to take place right after Consensus Singapore 2018, for all project owners, investors, advisors and blockchain enthusiasts from the crypto community to come together for an evening filled with fun and discussions.

Thank you to everyone who came by to enjoy this lively and informative evening with us!

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Crypto Event: Reflections from Consensus 2018

Here is a round up of the 3 exciting panels of international speakers who presented at our crypto event:

Panel #1: Observations from East & West: Crypto Trends & Progression

Panel #2: In Blockchain We Trust: Hype, Hope, HODL?

  • Stefano Virgilli (moderator), CEO of VOX
  • Maksim Balahevich, Founder of Santiment
  • Hong Qi Yu, CEO & CTO of Tokenize Xchange
  • Aaron Wong, CEO of Sage Strategies International

Panel #3: What can different practitioners in the blockchain industry do to survive this bear market?

Event Programme:




Breaking the Zero-Sum bias!

Speaker: Hadi Kabalan, CEO of Non-Zero

The Non-Zero Ethereum-based platform is a revolution of the broker-client relationship in the CFD trading industry. One of the few real-world use cases on the main-net, Non-Zero (NZO) is an Ethereum-based platform and DApps for retail brokers and their clients, providing a win-win network for all stakeholders. Non-Zero allows brokers to redistribute warehousing net revenues back to their loss-making clients, rebalancing the relationship and building a community ecosystem. Non-Zero NZO holders benefit from access to an ecosystem of financial and commercial market participants who value their status.



Crypto Insights for Smarter Investing

Speaker: Maksim Balahevich, Founder of Santiment

Santiment is the crowd sentiment information market for crypto and blockchain assets. It's the mobile interface that teaches you to understand crypto-crowd emotion, and how to trade on it. By combining cutting edge cryptography, machine learning, and reputation systems, we are transforming how financial information is created, bought, and sold. We're leveling the field for crypto-financial data, so that you have the same advantages as the biggest funds. Switzerland based, built on Etherum, with an international team of world class experts.



Automated Smart Contract Protocol

Speaker: John Harris, CTO of SmarTract

Revolutionizing how Enterprises create, execute, and administer contracts using smart contracts, seamlessly integrated with an existing cryptographic signature infrastructure already used by a network of Partners and Enterprises that includes nearly 100 million Parties who sign as many as 1 billion contracts annually. SmarTract Protocal allows you to easily create custom custom smart contracts to autonomously operate the performance of existing, digitally signed contracts.

Sovereign Wallet


Messenger-style Cryptocurrency Wallet with banking grade security

Speaker: Seokgu Yun, Founder & CTO of Sovereign Wallet

SovereignWallet is a messenger-style mobile cryptocurrency wallet and it is implemented to, among other things, promote financial inclusion. It allows people who have no bank accounts to create cryptocurrency accounts from their mobile or smart phones. Besides the complex cryptographic address, SovereignWallet utilizes identity-based address, i.e. a user’s identity is connected to its wallet address. SovereignWallet utilizes this identity-based feature for, among other things, enabling cryptocurrency exchange and remittances. In addition, through an interface to decentralized exchanges that we partner1 with, SovereignWallet shall facilitate ICOs by other token issuers that we elect to “host” on our platform as further detailed herein. MUI is the name of SovereignWallet Network’s token. The MUI token is used to pay for transactions that shall be conducted using the SovereignWallet application.



Bringing the world of digital assets to the masses

Speaker: Davy J Goh, Founder of BCoin

BCoin.sg is an all-encompassing digital asset service platform for the new tokenized economy. At BCoin.sg, we believe in the role that digital assets play in the global economy. More than providing a safe and easy to use global mobile digital asset trading platform, our goal is to bring together new and experienced digital asset innovators, investors, and users. We want to build an engaged community and with it, create new blockchain investment opportunities.



A.I Blockchain for Decentralized Economy

Speaker: Rakjae Choi, Global Sales of AiCrypto

AI Crypto is an innovative project that combines Artificial Intelligence and BlockChain that will change human lives. AI is developing at a tremendous rate and its potential market size is very large. But it takes a lot of time and money to develop AI so only large companies have monopoly on AI field. AI Crypto team with experts more than 10 years of working experience in the field of AI is developing a blockchain-based ecosystem where AI resources such as GPU, Model, and Data are distributed so that anyone who wants to develop artificial intelligence can participate in it at a reasonable cost.

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