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Beers&Pitch is the brainchild of VOX, a boutique advisory firm in Singapore that knows the industry from the inside. With, CEO of VOX, Stefano Virgilli, a C-level ICO advisor for established companies such as Invictus, Marketspace and Bistox, and over 20 years of experience in marketing, we want to Beers&Pitch we have created a network we want to establish Beers&Pitch as the leading platform for connect startups and ICOs with the right local and international investors.

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Another full house for Beers&Pitch 26 July 2018 at The Hive Rooftop, Singapore

What a perfect ending to Beers&Pitch July Alfresco, organized by VOX! We managed to have yet another full house of over 100 attendees and global investors eager to hear the pitchers we had lined up for the evening. After an ample amount of beers, pizzas and networking at the alfresco rooftop of The Hive at 59 New Bridge Road Singapore, everyone gathered indoors for the pitching to begin! Each pitcher brought forward their best performance and created an evening jam-packed with lots of laughter, interaction and learning. The panel discussion between Mr William Claxton the Operational Director of BikeCoin, Mr Alex Roy Rajan the Founder and CEO of

Ready to get started?

A fun, casual pitching & networking roadshow for the latest tech startups and hottest ICOs in the current market, organized by VOX ( Held on the rooftop of The Hive, 59 New Bridge Road Singapore, more than 100 attendees and international investors gathered last Thursday, 19 July 2018, to check out our curated lineup of pitchers for the evening. Part of the agenda included a panel discussion with our main sponsor, Truth Data Cloud (, moderated by Stefano Virgilli, CEO of VOX, where we opened the floor to the audience for a lively and fruitful exchange. The panel included Truth Data Cloud’s leadership team:

  • Mary Keane-Dawson - Co-Founder and CEO of Truth Data Cloud (formerly WPP, Omnicom, Ogilvy, Spafax)
  • Freya Stevens - Chief Marketing Officer (formerly Head of Marketing TokenMarket)
  • Oliver Southgate - Chief Technical Officer (formerly Havas, DigitalLBi, British Aerospace Systems)
  • Adam Graham - Co-Founder, CEO of RYVL plc (formerly Chair British Interactive Media Association, Ominicom, WPP)

Here is a round up of the exciting panel of international speakers who presented at this Beers&Pitch event:

Truth Data Cloud

Take Back Control of your Data


Energy Efficiency, Reinvented

Gem4me Market Space

The World’s Smartest Marketplace. Buy. Sell. Build your Business.


Distribution of Electronic Content in the Aggregion platform


(website under construction)

Gamified platform for token distribution



Decentralised ecosystem for animal records

We would like to thank everyone who came by and hope you had a valuable experience! Keep your eyes peeled for the next one coming soon!

Beers&Pitch July Alfresco: 19 July 2018

Detailed agenda for 19 June 2018 Beers&Pitch:

  • 6.00 PM Registration and Welcome Pizza
  • 7.30 PM Stefano Virgilli presents VOX training courses
  • 7.45 PM Truth Data Cloud pitch + Q&A
  • 8.00 PM MarketSpace pitch + Q&A
  • 8.15 PM Efforce pitch + Q&A
  • 8.30 PM Aggregion pitch + Q&A
  • 8.45 PM Panel Discussion with Truth Data Cloud
  • 9.00 PM Projects Kaleidoscope, with TokemonGo and V-Meow
  • 9.15 PM Networking
  • 10.00 PM End of Event

For the latest updates, follow and connect with us on Telegram @beersnpitch.

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1. Truth Data Cloud

Take Back Control of your Data

Speaker: Mary-Keane Dawson, Co-Founder and CEO of Truth Data Cloud (formerly WPP, Omnicom, Ogilvy, Spafax)

Truth Data Cloud is the personal data revolution platform, built on blockchain. By 2025, their vision is to give 2 billion young people the opportunity to monetize their data by creating a self sovereign digital data marketplace and protocol, TRU Tokens reward consumers for their GDPR compliant permissioned browsing and intention data and TDC licenses this anonymized data to advertisers, brands and developers for TRU. The Truth ecosystem vision is to become an operating ecosystem for third party businesses to build out the next generation of technology, applications and services in the permissioned data space.

As our main sponsor at Beers&Pitch event on 19 July 2018, we successfully supported Truth Data Cloud to an engaging pitch as well as a lively and fruitful exchange with the audience and investors during the panel discussion.

2. Efforce

Energy Efficiency, Reinvented

Speaker: Jacopo Visetti, Project Lead of Efforce

Efforce is a revolution in energy efficiency, turning energy savings into a shareable asset. Efforce is the first platform that allows contributors to profit from the energy savings generated by energy efficiency projects worldwide, through blockchain based platform. They allow every Contributor to be part of an ESCo that obtains energy savings, which they can use for themselves or can sell to those who need to reduce their energy bill. Through blockchain technology, Efforce will decentralize the energy efficiency industry. With 8 years of experience in energy efficiency, they have helped more than 2000 clients save more than $700 million in energy costs. The community will benefit from this direct access to a market that will make better use of their energy.

We are happy to provide Efforce a platform to a successful pitch at the Beers&Pitch event on 19 July 2018.

3. Gem4me Market Space

The World’s Smartest Marketplace. Buy. Sell. Build your Business.

Speaker: Stefano Virgilli, Chief Strategy Officer and Asian Market Advisor to Market Space (as well as CEO of VOX)

The Gem4me Market Space platform is developed on the basis of the Gem4me messenger, which already has 5.5 million users in 60 countries and expected to continue its expansion to 200 million users worldwide by the end of 2019. It uses cutting-edge technologies, such as smart chat bots, artificial intelligence, blockchain technology and Gemme ads, that make it easy and safe to shop, trade and build businesses easily and across borders, and also providing an opportunity for anyone to earn on the token demand.

Stefano Virgilli, CSO of Market Space, pitched to interested attendees and investors about Gem4me messenger and the exciting prospects of Market Space.

4. Aggregion

Distribution of Electronic Content in the Aggregion platform

Speaker: Presented by Stefano Virgilli on behalf of Nukri Basharuli, CEO and Founder of Aggregion

Using blockchain technology, the Aggregion platform provides intellectual property licensing and right governance. Some of the world’s top copyright holders have become Aggregion’s client and partners: Disney, Pearson, Microsoft, Samsung, Intel, Klett, Cornelsen, Softline, and more.

We assisted Aggregion to a successful pitch at the Beers&Pitch event on 19 July 2018.

5. Tokemon Go

Website under construction

Gamified platform for token distribution

Speaker: Presented by Stefano Virgilli on behalf of the founding team

The perception of ICO bountie token distribution has gone from hype to scam in less than 6 months. ICOs are struggling to bring their project to the attention of the crowd. Tokemon Go, in simple terms, works like Pokemon Go, but collecting ICO bountie tokens instead of Pokemon. The project aims to attract equity partners for investment at early stage.

We supported Tokemon Go pitching at the Beers&Pitch event on 19 July 2018.

6. V-Meow

A decentralised economy and ecosystem for animal and pets.

Speaker: Presented by Stefano Virgilli on behalf of the founding team

From Australia, Paulina and Stephen have conceptualised an entire economy and an ecosystem, dedicated to wildlife animals and pets. The purpose is to record on blockchain animal medical records and chip for identification, so that pets can be quickly recognised. This would greatly simplify tedious processes such as moving animals across borders.

We have shared V-Meow at the Beers&Pitch event on 19 July 2018.